Meet 3 of PolicyMic's Amazing New Pundits Who Won the April 50 Under 30 Challenge


What do avoiding elliptical machines, making friends in China, and learning martial arts as an unemployed law graduate have in common? They're all skills of new PolicyMic sensational pundits from our April 50 Under 30 Challenge!

As part of our 50 Under 30 Challenge, we asked you to apply to become a PolicyMic pundit by teaching us how to do something you love to, and we've received all sorts of lessons on all different stuff – some weird, some hilarious, and all stellar.

Thus far, we've brought in 18 new pundits to the PolicyMic community through the challenge. We're well on our way to meeting our goal of 50, but need your help getting your best and brightest friends on board.

About the April 50 Under 30 Challenge: If you’re brand-new to PolicyMic, and want to teach us something you love, apply to become a one of April's 50 new writers. Deadline: Monday, April 29. Email Caira Conner ( (Subj: April 50 Under 30 Challenge) with the following:

- Resume + Section you want to write for (Politics, Culture, Feminism)

Remember, if you're an existing pundit and you recommend your friends, you'll have a chance to become a PolicyMic expert!

For inspiration, meet 3 standout applicants who just joined the PolicyMic community as "April 50 Under 30" writers.

1) Kiersten Strachan – How to Become a Social Butterfly in China

Why Kiersten taught us how to become a social butterfly in China: "It became apparent that the proto-Chinese-Einsteins I was surrounded by were not going to befriend the pale skinned, flaming red-haired laowai (foreigner) without a concerted effort on my part. However, it became more and more clear that if my Chinese was going to improve, I desperately needed to make foreign friends that I could converse, gossip, shop, and eat with, friending my way to fluency."

For more news on Kiersten, follow her on Twitter: @klstrachan

2. Autumn Harbison – How to Be a Martial Artist

Why Autumn taught us how to be a martial artist: "While unemployed after law school I learned several things: running for pleasure isn’t as crazy as I had always thought it was, none of the women in my family can successfully make biscuits from scratch, and there is a limit to the amount of daytime television a person can watch. But, I did figure out that sometimes you should just stick to what you’re good at, and I’m good at martial arts."

3. Mara Mellstrom – How to Stay Fit in College

Why she taught us more creative ways on how to stay fit in college with as little sacrifice as possible. "Elliptical. Even the word itself sounds profane. Well, elliptical- I’m skeptical. You have done your worst at universities across the nation plaguing females far and wide and tricking them into believing you’re the only one they need, but not for long! Elliptical trainers, or what I like to call, lazy treadmills, are undeservedly popular. One does not go running on an elliptical. One goes pushing and pulling."

For more news on Mara, follow her on Twitter: @maramells