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Trending In Our News Feeds North Korea could launch missile “anytime.” U.S. and South Korean officials announced today that North Korea has prepared at least one medium-range missile for launch. North Korea will likely test the missile as a show of power on the birthday of founder Kim Il-sung, next Monday. South Korea has raised its threat level to “Watchcon 2” in response.

Obama proposes compromise in 2014 budget. President Obama released his 2014 budget today. The plan would reduce the deficit by $1.8 trillion over the next decade through a combination of spending cuts and new taxes. A White Hose official said the proposal represents a major compromise with Republicans. NPR tells you why Obama’s budget is more of a political statement than a legitimate accounting document.

FBI investigates possible bugging of McConnell headquarters. The FBI has launched an investigation into claims by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that Democrats bugged his campaign headquarters. The accusation follows the release of a video by Mother Jones that reveals McConnell and his aides planned to smear Ashley Judd, if she had decided to run for office in Kentucky.

83% of Americans are stressed at work. Researchers at Everest College have released a study concluding that the vast majority of Americans feel stressed at work. 14% of the 1,000 workers surveyed cited low pay as the main source of their stress.

Met to receive $1 billion gift. Estee Lauder heir Leonard Lauder has announced he will donate 78 cubist paintings worth $1 billion to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The gift will fill a major gap in the Met’s collection. Museum director Thomas Campbell calls the gift “truly transformational.”

Scientists release bold curriculum to teach climate change and evolution. 26 state governments have partnered with leading science groups to release the Next Generation Science Standards, the first national science curriculum recommendations since 1996. The guidelines call for teachers to begin climate change instruction as early as middle school and strongly support evolution education.

Correction: Yesterday, we reported that Kentucky won the NCAA championship by a score of 72-68. The actual score was 82-76.

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Make prom happen for victims of Sandy. Our friends at MTV Act are helping a New York high school damaged by Hurricane Sandy raise enough money to hold prom. See how you can help.

Concerts on demand. Love concerts, but hate the hassle of getting tickets? EVNTLIVE has launched a new platform to stream live concerts to your computer. Learn more about their exciting beta launch.

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9 Funniest Kim Jong-un Memes (Jinyoung Park)As North Korea continues to rattle the world, Kim Jong Un’s chubby little cheeks and lovable demeanor are finally trending on the web. Here are some great memes of him.

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