Boston Marathon Bombing: How We Must Respond


The Boston Marathon bombing details are still unclear. We don't know everything about this event yet. However, this is already the time to stop viewing or reading materials about the bombing. 

A terrorist's purpose is to use TV and media to impact hearts and minds around the world.  Their product is the emotional response within you. If you turn off your TV now, stop watching coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing now, you will render the impacts of their actions, in your life impotent. 

Terrorists choose asymmetric warfare methodology. 

The goal of this action is to scare the confidence out of Americans. It is to make us spend more on security when our budgets are stretched. It is to scare people from participating in great events. Their hopes are to slow the economy; get the president involved in that instead of other work. This is all an attempt to take us off building our country, doing our jobs, raising our families, and participating in the great events our country offers.

Stop viewing all materials on the Boston Marathon bombing. You do not need an update.  You do not need to know what happened as it unfolds. The terrorists choose to take these actions in places they already believe cameras will be. This is a form of televised theater of fear.

Turn it off. Let it go. Do not let them succeed. Do not beam this material into your head.

Shut it down.

In order to win this war we have to declare the methods of the enemy combatants impotent.