Boston Bombing: Runners Give First Hand Account of Moments after Blast


Kimberley Beatty and her husband Ned Beatty recount their story of what it was like to try to find one another after the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred just before 3:00PM ET Monday. 

"We just heard this loud explosion like a cannon, a very loud bang and everybody turned around. ...Just hearing the noise itself just elicited this 'oh my God, something terrible's happened'."

Kimberley's husband Ned had finished the marathon slightly before her when he heard the explosions, "Having the second explosion really kind of makes you realize that is must have been some kind of planned attack of some sort, not some accident."

Kimberley Beatty recalls covering her face and before breaking down and crying as she tried to find her husband. The two frantically searched for one another until they found one another and returned to their hotel where they were able to meet up with their 18-year-old son. 

The stories coming out of today seem to all say the same thing. What the runners seem to report more than anything is a deafening silence pending the blasts. As people tried to understand what was happening around them. Marilyn Miller, a runner, reported seeing injuries all around her. 

"We saw injuries all around us, Someone was putting pressure on a woman's neck. "A little boy, his leg was torn up. A woman, (people) were (shouting), 'Critical, critical, get out of out way!'"

Other individuals recall seeing blood and limbs everywhere. Boston area hospitals are reporting that they are currently treating 110-120 individuals for their injuries following this terrorist attack. 

Images of the attack show runners and spectators comforting one another.


Jeff Marin, a runner who was greeted by his mother after the explosions, "I crossed the finish, was pretty elated to have done that," Martin said. "And then about 100 yards past the finish line [I] heard the first explosion, turned around saw all the smoke and then instantly my thoughts turned to the fact that my family and pregnant wife who were supposed to be standing there waiting for me."

Following the blast runners who had not yet completed the race were stopped:

A happy moment as a couple is reunited:

A truly sad and tragic day. If you want to find out how you can help, please go here.