Boston Marathon Bombing: Amazing Acts of Kindness


It is usually in times of unspeakable violence and tragedy that we are reminded of the amazing acts of kindness and generosity our fellow Americans are capable of. It is important that we remind ourselves of these courageous acts as we come to terms with the events of today. 


Joe Andruzzi played guard for us at the Packers and helped out today:



There are countless stories of Bostonians opening up their homes to runners.

The Google Doc that was being used by Boston.Com and the Boston Globe received so many offers of individuals looking to offer their home that the site went down. 

Volunteers organize marathoners runner bags as they await their owners. 

The Red Cross has had to turn down blood donations as people turned up to give blood for the victims. People across the country turned up to running shops, not knowing where else to go, as a way to pay their respects to runners and offer comfort to one another. We remind ourselves of those who run towards the tragedy, the first responders who put themselves in harms way to protect us. We will be told of the people like the Boston State Trooper who ran back and forth carrying people to safety from the blast site. We will hear about these acts of kindness with increasing frequency in the coming days and they will remind us that no act of terrorism can undo or harm the goodness that inherently exists within us. 

If you want to find out how you can help, you can go here