Watch Jon Hamm Handle Large Objects On Sesame Street


Now that the media has given Jon Hamm's crotchgate a rest, we can go back to appreciating the actor for his outstanding acting skills and general awesomeness. Following in the foot steps of other beloved actors such as John Krasinski or Neil Patrick Harris, Jon Hamm has added guest starring in Sesame Street to his (very fabulous) resume. 

My highlights:

0:06: Elmo ignores Jon Hamm's voice. How dare he? Looks like someone has an attitude problem.

0:12: When Elmo finally notices Jon Hamm's presence (as if any living person could ignore it) he laughs and says: "Elmo can't talk right now. Elmo is busy building a sculpture." (I should really start speaking in third person. It's so much more melodramatic).

0:30: After being ordered to explain what a sculpture is by Elmo, he acquiesces and gives the definition (maybe if I speak in third person Jon Hamm will start doing what I say too?).

0:50: When Jon Hamm politely asks Elmo to help a brother out and show the sculpture to the camera, Elmo answers: "Elmo not done right now. Maybe Mister Jon can show them other sculptures" in a super smug tone. Seriously, what is Elmo's problem?

0:58: Jon Hamm nervously looks for a sculpture while Elmo loudly continues to work on his stupid sculpture. Is anyone else getting egomaniac vibes from Elmo?

1:00-2:15: Elmo continues to stubbornly work on his sculpture while making Jon Hamm find various increasingly heavy sculptures. Why is Elmo making Jon do all the work?

2:16: Jon Hamm carries a very heavy sculpture and asks Elmo: "Can you please show your sculpture before I get a hernia?" Elmo responds: "No." 

2:23: Jon Hamm collapses to the ground. Elmo laughs and says: "Now Elmo is ready to show his sculpture." Anyone else starting to think Elmo is kind of a psychopath?

2:30: Elmo finally shows his art work and it's a sculpture of himself. Psychopath theory confirmed.

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