Is President Obama's Presidency Unconstitutional?


Is President Barack Obama's re-election bid unconstitutional?

Although mainly shunned by mainstream media, the case against Obama’s constitutional requirements for the presidency have been circulating since 2007. Although opponent John McCain attended a hearing over the eligibility of his candidacy, the same can not be said for Obama, who hid all of his personal records from the public and spent more than six times his yearly salary on lawyers to argue in numerous states across the United States that there is no reason to ask about his eligibility and to drop the subject. They did.

The only court to take up the responsibility of evaluating the evidence came January 26, 2012, when Judge Michael Malihi of the Georgia state Office of State Administrative Hearings sat and bore witness to a lineup of citizens and long-time anti-eligibility lawyers citing several reasons that Obama is not eligible for the Presidency according to the Constitution. Some of those reasons include claims that his Social Security number is fake (it is from Connecticut, a place where Obama has never lived) and the fact that his father was a citizen of Kenya at the time of his birth, making him a subject of Britain and thus ineligible to pass-on “natural born” constitutional rights to his son automatically. Judges are now looking closer at Malihi and the Georgia case, as they have long been told that their public lives would be ruined if they ever question the President’s eligibility.

President Obama did not attend the hearing, citing no reason whatsoever, but his lawyer sent a personal letter to the judge stating that Georgia has no business outside of Georgia and should not bother the President. Other sources cite the reason Obama did not attend is because a potential subpoena of his private records could require him to provide private records to the court, which would be more revealing and less in Obama’s favor. Whatever the case is, the fact remains: This long-suppressed presentation against the candidacy of Obama will mushroom across the country if Malihi rules against the President. 

As McCain provided his personal documents, so should Obama. After all this is a man who is willing to revoke the citizenry of, and imprison, American citizens (through the NDAA bill), so it seems quite hypocritical that he would not provide private documents to prove he is a citizen.

This story is mainly covered by WorldNetDaily news, and more evidence about the ineligibility of Obama's nomination can be found on their website. Implications include what this means for the Grand Old Party, as there is no Democratic candidate except Barack Obama on the ballot in any state. Democrats are already beginning to charge that this case is a Republican tactic to defeat President Obama in the 2012 election, but this case has been made against Obama by both sides of the field since before 2008. If Obama is finally forced to reveal his private documents, like Senator McCain in 2008, it could knock him off the ballot and leave room for a Republican to win the nomination.

If it is proven that Obama was never eligible for office, then it would probably be the biggest scandal since the founding of the nation.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons