Your Phone Battery May Never Die Again


Don't you just hate it when you're in the middle of a call or live tweeting some event and your phone battery dies? Tired of having to wait by a power outlet or shell out for some malformed battery booster? Some smart folks at the University of Illinois have you covered with this super-thin, super-powerful battery of the future.

These new microbatteries are made of high-power lithium ion and are small enough that they can fit in a credit-card-thin device. The batteries charge devices a thousand times faster than traditional lithium-ion batteries and will be able to help create devices that can last up to thirty times longer than existing batteries. Essentially, all you will need to do is tap your cell phone against the microbattery charger add you will instantly be up to full juice.

If you think that instantaneously charging your phone is cool, there's more: the scientists behind this battery say that it will be able to charge more than phones. The engineers behind the microbattery say that if your car battery dies, a quick boost from their new microbattery will instantly bring it back to life. The possibilities, then, are endless. No more screaming in frustration as your computer's battery gets deep into the red zone with your filing deadline right around the corner. No more groaning as your Kindle or iPad dies in the middle of a long flight. No more watching your technology stop when the power goes out.

From emergency situations to personal convenience, this is a great technology being created. How soon will you be able to juice up your gadgets with one of these microbatteries? The engineers at the University of Illinois are working on that. They have created the technology and now they are trying to figure out how to make it available to the general public at low costs. It will be worth the wait.

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