Adrianne Haslet-Davis: Boston Marathon Who Lost Foot to Compete Again Next Year


If you were one of the hundreds injured during the Boston Marathon Bombings, the last thing you would probably want is to think about training for next year’s marathon, especially if you lost a foot in the tragedy.

But one inspiring woman is taking the challenge and then some. Adrianne Haslet-Davis, 32, a dance instructor who lost her foot in the second explosion while running the race, expresses her amazing attitude in this video from BBC News:

As a ballroom dance teacher, Haslet-Davis’ life was changed forever when her left foot was amputated due to severe injuries from the second bomb’s blast, but not as much as one would think.

“Dancing is my life,” she expressed. “Yeah, having my foot blown off, that really sucks. But I can’t wallow in woe is me.”

Her impressive attitude really inspires hope for others struggling in wake of this or other tragedies. Adrianne is alive and she is stoked.

She and her husband, Air Force Capt. Adam Davis, were together when the bombs went went off. He was able to drag his wife into a nearby restaurant, until it was safe and help came.

"If this was going to be the last time we saw each other, I wanted him to know how much I loved him," she told the Herald. "Then I told him we'd make it through this, that I wasn't ready to leave him yet." And she meant it!

Dancing has been Haslet-Davis’ coping mechanism, source of income and favorite hobby, but losing a foot does not mean she’s done dancing.

“I can’t let some[one] come along and steal my whole life,” she said. “So, I’ll dance again. And next year, though I’ve never been a runner, yes, I plan to run the marathon.” Damn right. 

The aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings have inspired a country’s reflection, heartfelt tributes, and a dramatic manhunt, but it’s great to see that spirits have not been tarnished. Adrianne Haslet-Davis shows us we're stronger than that.