Jeb Bush 2016: Barbara Bush Says U.S. Has Had "Enough Bushes"


According to former First Lady Barbara Bush, the nation has “had enough Bushes” in the White House. Don’t get it twisted though. It’s not that Jeb Bush isn’t “by far the best qualified man” for the job; it’s just that “there are other people out there who are very qualified.”

"He's the most qualified, but I don't think he'll run. I mean, there are other families. He'll get all our enemies, half of our friends," she said.

To say that Jeb is the most qualified is a stretch. But, to be fair, Jeb has exhibited a lot more leadership ability out of office than his brother ever exhibited in office. However unjust, it seems that W. has poisoned the presidential well for Jeb and future Bushes.

I think Barbara and her husband suffered a lot during W.’s presidency from all the negative press he received and I don’t think that Barbara is anxious to live through that again with Jeb. Maybe Barb feels that W. tarnished his father’s name — which is partially true; few people thought the elder Bush was a great president but favorable opinions of him certainly plummeted since 2000 and it wasn’t because of anything he himself did. But I don’t know how much of what Barbara said is even about protecting her son from public humiliation or his husband’s reputation from being further damaged. I suspect though, that what she’s really thinking is that Jeb wouldn’t make a good president and hopefully she has discouraged him from running. While she is known to always speak her mind, I don’t think any mother could find it in their heart to tell their child they wouldn’t make a good president.

Barb’s comments reflect a good portion of public sentiment too, when she says that “there are other families.” It’s time to broaden the search from just a few well-known, wealthy dynasties. Hell, I think we’ve had enough Clintons, too.

W disagrees. In an interview with ABC News that aired Thursday, he said that he hoped Jeb would run.

“He’d be a marvelous candidate if he chooses to do so. He doesn’t need my counsel ’cause he knows what it is, which is ‘run,’” Bush said. “But whether he does or not, it’s a very personal decision.”

2016 is still a long ways away and nobody quite knows for sure who the Republican nominee will be, not even Mama Bush. Whether or not Jeb runs, I don’t doubt that the ultra-left will have ill feelings towards whoever the Republican nominee is and that the ultra-right will feel the same towards the Democrat nominee.