White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013: Sarah Palin Says It Was "Pathetic"


Sarah Palin is worried about America, and that's why she was angry at the "pathetic" display put on by Washington at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Ever since she was let go from Fox News earlier this year, Palin hasn't made that many appearances in public except for her magnificently insane CPAC conference speech.

This makes her comments on Facebook and Twitter slightly more interesting. As a former politically relevant figure, Palin must be missing the media attention which must be why she felt it necessary to share her thoughts:

The irony can't seep off the screen fast enough given that Palin has been accused of using campaign funds to give herself a whole new $180,000 wardrobe during her Maverick-filled vice presidential run in 2008. Added to that, Palin does not have a full time job supporting or commenting or creating public policy at any level right now:

Apart from the confusing image of an "assclown,'"one can take her criticism of #nerdprom phenomenon, which C-SPAN promoted during its broadcast of the event. The event, which is supposed to be a gathering of the journalists that report on the White House, has recently turned into a pseudo awards show.

The red carpet put out last night was attended by more celebrities and CEOs than by journalists or the 'DC assclowns' which is deserving of the criticism given by Palin and Tom Brokaw. The event's more altruistic purpose — the awarding of journalism honors and scholarships to budding journalism students — was promptly taken care of to make way for the jokes by Chairman of the White House Correspondents' Association, President Barack Obama and host Conan O'Brien.

Even the food was given more time than the honorees.

That said, Palin continues to struggle to define her role in the national political debate. She is far more suited to be a political commentator than a politician, especially since her attempts at the latter have already been documented as a failure even by the likes of Republican Party heavyweights like Karl Rove

So till she is able to charge ahead in her next Maverick-filled adventure, she has to sit on the sidelines of national politics and take to the only platform available to her to continue her evangelism of truthiness.