Game of Thrones Season 3: 7 U.S. Politicians Who'd Fit Right Into Westeros


HBO's hit series Game of Thrones has a tremendous amount of intrigue, diplomacy, ideology, court politics, backstabbing, and more in it. There is a lot to be learned about politics from the series, and maybe some things we can relate to. Which real world politicians would make for great Game of Thrones characters? Seven Kingdoms, seven choices:

1. Ron Paul, Lord of the Golden Islands:

Ignored by the mainstream, opposed to any form of welfare, and insistent that all transactions be tied to a precious metal, Ron Paul would make a great stand-in for Balon Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands. Neither allows for much middle ground in anything. It is their way or the highway plank.


2. Ben Bernanke, Master of Coin:

When Tyrion Lannister replaced Lord Baelish as the Master of Coin, he looked over the king's books and dispelled the myth that Baelish was a magician who could just make money appear out of thin air at the king's demands. In fact, Baelish was digging them into a hole with dangerous long-term implications. Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, would fit right in.


3. Bill Clinton, Philanderer-in-Chief:

Westeros is the perfect place a guy who used to be in charge, most people have fond memories of, and who had a penchant for chasing woman who were not his rather steely-gazed wife. Bill Clinton would fit right in.

4. Rick Santorum, True Believer:


With the fanatical religion of the Lord of Light spreading across Westeros like santorum spreads across Google, former Senator Rick Santorum would fit in nicely. All things are dictated by the one true God and all nonbelievers are heretics.

5. Mitt Romney, the Man No One Wants to Rule:

Stannis Baratheon was next-in-line to the throne. Stannis Baratheon subscribed to a religion that caused some people to raise their eyebrows. Stannis Baratheon was viewed as somewhat robotic and cold. No one wanted Stannis Baratheon to be their leader, despite a huge amount of investment from supporters to try make it happen. Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney can probably sympathize with Stannis.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Buff Leader Who Can't Speak English

The Governator rose to fame as a huge buff guy rolling around in the sand and beating people up. Before we got to know him better, he was regarded as a bit of a barbarian. Then he married a wife from a well-known political family and just jumped into the thick of things. Arnold would make a good khal to the Dothraki.

7. Justin Bieber, the Boy-King Nobody Likes:

Alright, alright. Not a politician. But, come on. The similarities between Joffrey and the Biebs are too great to pass up. Outside of a couple of blinded little girls, who doesn't want to slap Joffrey? Outside of a couple of blinded little girls, who doesn't want to slap Bieber?

WEIGH IN: Which real world politicians do you think would make great Game of Thrones characters?