Hello, Press Mentions: PolicyMic Community Spotlighted Across the Media

PolicyMic-ers, listen up!

If you've been featured, mentioned, and re-tweeted by news outlets, we want to share the good news with the rest of the community.

As part of our new blog on weekly press mentions, we'll feature a sampling of shout-outs to our amazing writers as they get mentioned across the media.

PolicyMic is thrilled when members of its community are featured in other news discussions. Check out some recent highlights!

1. Sam Bakkila, Al Jazeera (April 21)

Pundit Sam Bakkila was cited in Al Jazeera for his article about Twitter jokes on racial 'Brofiling' in the Boston Marathon investigation.

2. Andrew Stokols, TowleRoad (April 29)

The PolicyMic article Andrew Stokols wrote on China and the legalization of same-sex marriage received a shout-out in news blog Towleroad.

3. Liz Plank, Sports Illustrated (April 30)

Viral superstar Liz Plank was retweeted by Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch for her piece on the 10 most homophobic Tweets following Jason Collins' coming out.

4. Lauren Rankin, Feministing (May 1)

Pundit Lauren Rankin was included in Feministing's cheat sheet for her great article on transphobia.

Have you noticed a PolicyMic-er stirring up debate elsewhere on the web? Let us know!

Email Caira Conner (caira@policymic.com) (Subj: PolicyMic Press Mention) with a name of the publication and link to the article. We'll spotlight you in our weekly press mentions!