5 Duties Of a U.S. Citizen Few Americans Are Aware Of


All Americans have the following five obligations, whether we remember it or not:

1. Respect the Rights, Beliefs and Opinions of Others:

In the era of Fox News and MSNBC, it's easy to forget that we must respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of others — even if we think they're "extreme," "outrageous" or "morally wrong." 

2. Stay Informed of the Issues That Affect Your Community:

Watching the news, or reading the newspaper, is actually not a choice. It's our responsibility; whether we think the "corporate mainstream media" is corrupt or not. 

3. Serve in a Jury When Called Upon:

Though many see it as a burden, "Jury Duty" is our responsibility to serve as a jury in a legal process. 

4. Participate in the Democratic Process: 

Next time you're thinking about not voting because "politicians are all the same," or whatever, keep in mind that if you're not happy with the status quo you could — in fact, it's your responsibility as an American — participate in the Democratic process by running for office yourself and offering an alternative. 

5. Defend the Country, if Need Should Arise:

It's your responsibility, as an American, to bear arms — or participate in civic service — on behalf of the United States and defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic.   

Source: USCIS 

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