This Week at PolicyMic: Rita Solomon on The Week, New Story Queue, & Your Feedback


PolicyMic had several huge successes this week:

1) Pundit Rita Solomon featured in The Week. Building off of last week’s successes with the New York Times & Fox Business, this week Rita Solomon’s PolicyMic piece was featured in the The Week as one of the best opinions responding to CNN’s Rolan Martin homophobic tweeting. Rita’s opinion was featured along side opinions from the Washington Post & the Baltimore Sun.

2) New story queue for pundits. Today, we’re releasing the new Pundit’s Story Queue to encourage pundits to suggest article ideas for other pundits. All pundits can Mic the ideas and claim the ones they want to write. Think of it as the marketplace for ideas. We’ve also included a special category for debates, where multiple pundits can claim the same topic and prepare to debate each other.

3) Great stories this week. And of course, there were a ton of incredible stories and articles written this week. Sehreen Noor Ali’s story on women in start-ups was read 1,282 times and tweeted out by several prominent groups including the Kauffman Foudation. Natasha Malpani’s story on Glencore was picked up by the Guardian and several others getting shared over 20 times! Alex Marin’s brilliant lede that connected Justin Bieber to Hugo Chavez was read 4,362 times! Elena Sheppard wins the most Mics of the week for her story, Why Millennials Aren’t Happy with 28 Mics.

Feedback for the week. PolicyMic is exploring opportunities to start a daily video series. Here are two questions: (1) What kinds of videos would you want to watch every day? What are some examples of use of video that you find compelling? (2) In what ways would you be excited to contribute and participate in the creation of the videos? Please use this as an opportunity to share anything else that’s on your mind regarding PolicyMic too (check out Rodd Ruffner's great piece this week on controversial opinions on PolicyMic). 

Photo Credit: Duncan Wolfe