Coolest Mom Ever Chases After Daughter's Kidnapper and Wins


Despite Disney’s attempts to traumatize our childhoods by killing off most of the mother characters, we all know, whether because of our own mother or a motherly figure, that there is not much that our mothers wouldn’t do to protect us.

When stories surface of mothers being able to lift cars off their children, we don’t doubt that. If there’s anything that could ever give anyone superhuman strength, it would be the love a mother has for their child (with that said, I’ve decided to begin looking into a career with Hallmark).

So when a New Mexico mom chased after the suspect who kidnapped her 4-year-old daughter, the country cheered her on. When teenagers who saw the kidnapping take place ran up to tell Melissa Torrez that her daughter had been picked up by a man driving a silver Buick, she “didn’t even have time to cry when she jumped to chase the suspect.”

Torrez chased the suspect for a good seven miles, although the man had pushed the 4-year-old girl out of his car long before and finally collided into his car, causing him to run away from the vehicle. When Torrez went around the car, she found that the car seat in the back was empty.

Torrez told police, “I was like … what a sick man.”

Luckily, the little girl was found unharmed, wandering around the neighborhood where she lives. The suspect, David Hernandez, was picked up police, claiming innocence, after a man hunt began to look for the person who attempted to kidnap the little girl.

With a similar failed kidnapping attempt happening before at the same apartment complex where Torrez and her children live, resident Gilbert Hernandez, who was the one who found the first girl and reported it to police, told reporters, “This place isn’t safe. People always let their kids run around here … We are all on the lookout now.”