Kate Dowd


Graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in Spanish and Women's Studies. Proud Obama Alum, Mayoral alum, City Council alum, and School Board alum. Former President of UNO College Democrats, aspiring to be Leslie Knope, figure out the secret to getting Michelle Obama arms, the stamina and determination of Wendy Davis, the intellectual prowess of Rachel Maddow, and the sheer magnitude that comes with being Hilary. Moving to Costa Rica in November to teach English. Lover of tacos and margaritas, hugs, hope and change, my kitten Arya, Netflix + Hulu, conversations with loved ones, and smiles. Tumblr addict, still in search of my Twitter mojo, and kind of awkwardly figuring my way through Facebook's ever changing layouts. http://flirtingwithnerdythirty.wordpress.com/