'Game Of Thrones' Live Stream: Watch GoT Online


Other than Girls, I don't watch much on HBO, including wildly popular show Game Of Thrones, which you can watch on HBO Go online if you haven't subscribed to the channel on your TV set. 

I know, I know, you're probably more than a little disappointed you can't watch this free of charge via internet, but in the words of my colleague/partner-in-crime Tom McKay, who happens to love GoT, honesty is the best policy:

"[S]orry, brother. Much like the Wall in the North, HBO's air time is completely impenetrable. Unless you know someone airing a private live stream (in which case you should call me), the only option to watch Game of Thrones is through HBO Go or on a television set.

For the record, the air time is HBO, either on your cable television line or via Go, at 9 p.m."

Fair enough, right? I'm sure most of you have friends you can harass into allowing you to watch the show at their homes too. Not everyone has the luxury of HBO, but those who do should absolutely embrace the "sharing is caring" mentality and spread the wealth onto their buds. So ask around, or even Google "Game Of Thrones watch parties" in your area. You can't be the only nerd in town, especially given the program's high ratings! Make friends while watching the show! You might even meet the love of your life. Dare to dream.