Moore Tornado: Wild Pictures Of Tornado Ripping Through Oklahoma City Suburbs


Towns just south of Oklahoma City are still reeling from the devastating tornado that touched down earlier Monday afternoon and ripped apart homes and roads in the populated areas as Oklahoma City faced a tornado emergency.

The tornado was said to be about one mile wide as it moved through the southern part of the wider Oklahoma City area, with an estimated 171,000 people in the path of the tornado. A helicopter pilot for the CNN affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma, John Welsh, describe the scene as looking like “you took the house, you put it in a gigantic blender, you turned it on pulse for a couple minutes and then you just dumped it out.”

Justin Dunsworth, an Oklahoma resident that has faced devastating tornados before explained, “There’s a sense of fear while looking at the massive funnel not knowing whether it was going to turn towards us, as unpredictable as they are.”

Two 70-year-old men are confirmed dead in result of the tornado that hit Shawnee, Oklah. 23 other people were injured since storms started hurtling through Oklahoma Saturday, causing Governor Mary Fallin to declare a state of emergency.  

Oklahoma highways are littered with capsized semi trucks, debris, and crashed cars, but that may not be the end of it. Meteorologists are urging people to continue to use caution, stating that the destructive weather will probably continue. 

Jessie Addington of Shawnee, returned to her childhood home after the tornado to see that only a few pieces remained. “I’m feeling cheated, to be honest, like, it’s just all gone,” she described. At least 300 other homes were damaged by the tornado, according to Red Cross spokesman, Ken Garcia. 



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