Prime Minister Harper: Twitter Users Call For His Resignation


It's been a bad 30 days for Prime Minister Harper. He's being hit from all sides between Temporary Foreign Worker scandals, Senators embroiled in expense claims cases, and his chief of staff resigning. And then there is the out of country issues with the UN calling out Canada on their human rights violations, the EU classifying bitumen from the oil sands as "dirty," and accusations of imported slave labor. 

It shouldn't be a surprise that the once rock-solid support of the Conservatives is crumbling. There have been too many hits to the populous, whichever side they lean politically. 

I'm not a huge fan of trends on Twitter. But I have to admit I really enjoy reading through these as quite a few are gems:


The prime minister is notorious for not listening or caving under populous pressure, I doubt he will care about this display ... but wouldn't it be wonderful if he did?