Oklahoma City Tornado: How to Help Victims


One of the largest tornadoes ever recorded has destroyed the town of Moore, Oklahoma, and left a trail of debris scattered across hundreds of miles. As of now, residents of Moore are searching the rubble for survivors and trying to come to terms with how their lives have changed. Aid and recovery groups are doing what they can to help the victims.

If you would like to help the aid and recovery efforts, please donate to the Red Cross.  You can also send a text saying "REDCROSS" to 90999, and it will automatically donate $10 on your behalf. The Red Cross of Oklahoma City is currently offering shelter to the homeless and helping search through the rubble in the wake of the tornado.

The Salvation Army is also accepting donations for direct relief on its website. To contribute $10 by phone, text STORM to 80888. The United Way of Central Oklahoma is working directly with survivors as well, in partnership with the Red Cross.

If you are a survivor or have a loved one in the affected area, you may use the Red Cross "Safe and Well" program to register yourself or search the database to make sure your loved ones are safe and well. Survivors may also go to the FEMA website for disaster assistance.

While millennials are certainly near the bottom of the economic totem pole, most of us can afford to skip the next couple of cups of coffee or pints of beer. Please, if you are able, donate $10 to the Red Cross and help with relief and recovery efforts. It's the least we can do for our neighbors in need.