Westboro Baptist Church Blames Kevin Durant For Oklahoma Tornado


While the country watches in horror as footage of flattened neighborhoods in Oklahoma surfaces, with many people springing into action by donating their time, money and resources to the Red Cross and other crisis response organizations, Pat Robertson sat on his 700 Club throne and responded to a viewer’s question, “Why does God send tornadoes?” His reply started off innocently enough with the typical “When a warm front meets a cold front” story before pausing to ask, “Why did you build houses where tornadoes were apt to happen?”

Of course, per Robertson’s own logic, God doesn’t send tornados, but he can apparently intervene for those who are smart enough to pray the tornado away. He explained, “If enough people were praying He would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still the storms.” But the buck stops here for the Prayer Bus, because it’s not really necessary to pray for the victims who were affected by the devastating tornado, since they didn’t pray in the first place. Why would we pray for their suffering to end when they could have just prayed to God to stop the tornado? That’s just silly, right, Patty?

Fellow expert on godly acts of devastation, Fred Phelps, Jr., might agree, claiming that the recent support of by Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder of Jason Collins’ recent coming out is what led to the devastating tornado. God don’t look too kindly on love and support, y’all.

The son of Westboro Baptist Church leader, Fred Phelps, Sr., tweeted,

According to Robertson and Phelps, all you need to do is not build your house in Oklahoma, pray that when a tornado does come, God intervenes, because even though He doesn’t send it, He can sure as heck stop it, and lastly, don’t be gay or support gay people. You got all that, Oklahoma?  

Meanwhile, for those of us who still have a soul, you can donate to the Red Cross here and do some real saving.