Guys and Girls: It's a Jungle Out There


Editor's note: We asked two of our pundits, one male and one female, to respond to the popular video "The Flip Side (Bar)," in which in an alternate reality, the gender roles of a night out are reversed. Men drink raspberry kamikazes and women dance on men. Watch the video below and read both responses.

Girls are like a puzzle, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a enigma, locked inside a Rubix Cube.

Every time I think I am getting somewhere with a certain strategy, I realize I've ended up right back where I started. There are a litany of assumptions and stereotypes associated with guys and girls when we go out, and unlike most societal simplifications I would argue that most of them are true. Now I know what you are all thinking, "Wait! That's Not Me?! I am unique and special like a blooming flower covered in winter's first snow!" Well, maybe you are an unique individual when you are sober, but alcohol has been acting as a social lubricant for years, and given enough of it, all of our desires become very simple and easy to group. We are all a part of the herd kids, welcome to the jungle.

Contrary to the popular Usher song, you are not going to find "Love" in this club. People don't meet their significant others while getting smashed.

If you wanted to get to know someone for their personality, you would probably choose a place where you could talk to them without screaming. So girls, if you just "wanna dance," do it in your living room with a bottle because two females dancing in a bar is an implicit invitation for some U.O.T.P.D.G.A.  (unsolicited over the pants dance floor grinding action). Is any of this appropriate? Is any of this right? No, but neither is expecting me to buy all you girls (insert disgustingly sugary shot here) just to get your name.

We are supposed to be evolved humans, but put four shots in any man or woman and I dare you to test his/her cognitive reasoning. We just aren't equipped to remember, and in most cases consider, each other's nuances, likes, and dislikes in the typical bar environment. The conversation is meaningless. In fact, I have heard numerous friends describe a girl or guy they met, talked to, and sometimes even went home with simply by hair color, height, and one other distinguishing feature (Tall, Blonde, Boots, or Tallish, Brunette, Hat).

So ladies, we're sorry if we pay more attention to your backside than your back story, but it's a jungle out there.

Guys, share your own reaction to the video and discuss gender stereotypes when going out as a millennial.

Photo Credit: saxon