Oklahoma Tornado Watch LIVE: Oklahoma City Metro Area Gets Another Tornado Warning


Last week the Oklahoma City metro area was devastated by an EF-5 tornado. I had a first hand look at the destruction in Moore. Now just 11 days later, meteorologist are predicting storms in the same region, stating that these conditions are "textbook for an explosive severe thunderstorm" conducive to tornado production. The only difference this time is that the storm's cross hairs include Norman, Oklahoma, where I am currently writing this live blog from.

If conditions continue to deteriorate, I will keep everyone updated and will try to post images of the weather and will certainly follow through with pictures of any potential aftermath. In the mean time. Here are my trilogy of articles covering the Moore tornado.

This is What It Now Looks Like In Moore, Oklahoma.

20 Heartwarming Photos of Hope From Oklahoma.

11 Random and Wacky Photos From the Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath.

For my fellow Oklahomans reading this article, please stay safe and take cover if the weather demands it. And for those not in the Oklahoma area, here is my Oklahoman's guide to passing time during a Tornado. Follow me on Twitter @TheNolanK and follow the hashtag #OKTornado to stay tuned for continuing tweets and updates from Oklahoma!