Confirmed Touchdown of a Mile-Wide Tornado West-North-West of the OKC Metro


A mile-wide tornado has touched town near the OKC metro area near the town of El Reno. This is west-north-west of the town of Moore, which was hit last week.

The Weather Channel's storm chasers were in the direct line of the tornado. Storm Chaser Mike Bettes says his "#TornadoHunt vehicle was thrown 200 yards by the tornado West of OKC. Airbags deployed. All are safe."

Meteorologists have said that preliminary reports indicate that the area hit is more rural and not heavily populated. Here is some of the first video footage emerging from the storm:

Here in Norman, we are currently out of the way of any tornadoes. However, the super cell has shown indications that it may shift direction and head south closer to our location. If the situation further deteriorates, my access to the live blog updates may be affected, but I will continue to live tweet the storm coverage.

For my fellow Oklahomans reading this article, please stay safe and take cover if the weather demands it. And for those not in the Oklahoma area, here is my Oklahoman's guide to passing time during a Tornado. Follow me on Twitter @TheNolanK and follow the hashtag #OKTornado to stay tuned for continuing tweets and updates from Oklahoma!