'Game Of Thrones' Red Wedding Episode: George R.R. Martin Reacts to Viral Fan Response


WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

On Wednesday night, George R.R. Martin, the author of the novels that were adapted into Game of Thrones series, appeared on Conan to respond to the hotly bemoaned surprise in the most recent episode “The Red Wedding,” wherein the majority of the Starks were brutally slaughtered.

Fans of the series who are viewers-only were shocked and horrified by the show’s already trademark tendency to suddenly kill off major characters without breaking pace. However, this time people took the opportunity to videotape the reaction of non-reading Game of Thrones fans, Two Girls One Cup style, and the resulting reaction videos went viral.

On Conan, Martin added to the meme by one layer; he reacted to the reaction of viewers who were shocked by the Starks' deaths, and postmodernism ensued.

Perhaps somebody react to George R.R. Martin’s reaction to the fan’s reaction. Cue the Inception noise.