Weekly Culture Round Up: Summer's Must-Read Books and Kanye's Identity Crisis


Another PolicyMic week, another round of culture section victories.

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New York Versus Los Angeles: A Tale Of Two Cities (Chloe Stillwell, @chloekillwell) – With all of the journalistic bickering about N.Y. and L.A., it might be time to start taking a look at our own cities and habits, and stop throwing each other under the bus.

5 Hilarious Memories and Valuable Lessons Learned From My Late Dad (Laura Donovan, @LauraDonovanUA– Father's Day shouldn't be sad, even for those without a father, so here are some amusing and perhaps LOL-worthy experiences I had growing up under my parents' roof.

Why Country Stars and Rap Stars Aren’t As Different As You Might Think (Jazmine Woodberry, @jbwoodberry– "Accidental Racist" aside, country and hip hop can be done well together, and the reason might be that they aren't as different as you'd think.

10 Must-Read Summer Books Of 2013 (Gia Coturri) – Want to stay on the cutting edge of literature? Keep an eye out for these 10 new books by high profile authors.

'Yeezus' May Walk, But the 'Kanye West' Brand Is Making Kanye West Stumble (Osman Noor, @OzzyForMayor) – West's new album, "Yeezus" seems to indicate he wants to be himself but, thanks to his brand, he can’t be.

My Journey With Celine and Jesse From 1995's 'Before Sunrise' to 2013's 'Before Midnight' (Holly Leber, @hollyleber) – "Before Midnight," a follow-up to "Before Sunrise," is about what happens when you get what you've always wanted; and the series has taken millennials through 18 years of love.

What the 6 Most Profitable Movies Of All Time Reveal About America (Adam Hogue, @hoguie) – A look at the six most profitable films at the domestic box office and what they really say about Americans and Canadians.

ICYMI: The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode That Broke Social Media

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