WWDC 2013 Keynote: Rocky At First, And Then Absolutely Amazing


WWDC started off this year with a cringe worthy keynote demo from third party developer Anki, but once it got over its teething problems, the keynote pressed forward. Launching major updates to both iOS and OS X, Apple has abandoned nearly all signs of skeuomorphism for a cleaner and more modern look. Executives during the keynote continuously poked fun at the lack of green felt or saving of e-animals used for the leather wrappings.

iOS 7 looks absolutely beautiful and gives a great example of why Apple is still top dog in the design game. OS X on the other hand sees many smaller changes, including a move away from cat names. In this area, Apple has taken a page from Microsoft, in naming future versions of OS X after California inspired place names.

Overall, the software tweaks and redesigns have been long coming and are very well received by the majority of public. 


Macbook Air

Intel's new Haswell processors are showing up in the new Macbook Airs annouced today. Battery improvements include a whopping 12 hour full day battery life for the new 13inch Air.

Mac Pro Sneak Peek

The Mac Pro has kept a low profile in recent events, opting not to be upgraded for over three years. Now Apple has taken the curtains off its new incredibly powerful Mac Pro, with a centralized air cooling system. A very unique product, featuring some of the latest technologies including a dual GPU with PCI-E SSD.

iOS 7

It doesn't come as a shock to many that Apple has annouced iOS 7 today. This Jony Ive powered look forgoes all stale looking skeuomorphic solutions of past releases and moves to a completely new approach.

The entire pallette has focused onto brighter and hippier, stripping out old and dull gradients of past releases. iOS 7 also includes some small but noticeable style tweaks, smaller thinner font, and more translucent control surfaces. There are also improvements to gestures. Folders no longer top out at 12 files.

OS X Mavericks

Apple annouced the 10th release of OS X, and jokingly named it "Sea Lion" to roaring applause and laughter. Taking a new approach, Craig Federigini explained that due to the lack of cat supply, they are moving over to California-inspired names. 

OS X Maverick is focused on a few pro features and changing the basics. Gone again is the leature trimmings and felt green, with the main focus on improving battery life and performance.