Taksim Square Protests: 10 Images Of Erdogan's Violent Crackdown in Turkey


As citizens of Turkey continue to protest the increasingly hardline government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that very same government has begun an unnecessarily violent crackdown on dissenters.

A few hours after issuing an ultimatum demanding that protesters clear out of Taksim Square and Gezi Park in Istanbul, Erdogan ordered Turkish police to storm the park and eject the protesters by force. Turkey's minister to the European Union, Egemen Bagis, said that anyone who enters Taksim Square will be treated "as a terrorist."

Ambulances have arrived at the scene to help administer care to hundreds being hurt. The Turkish police have only stepped up the violence, though, and are reportedly raiding hotels where the wounded are being cared for. Check out these 10 images of the government's reprehensible response to the protests over the past couple of weeks.

1. Turkish riot police fire tear gas at an unarmed demonstrator

... the demonstrator's sign says "Chemical Tayyip" in reference to the Prime Minister.

2. Police pepper spray woman in red dress

... increasingly one of the most iconic images of Erdogan's crackdown.

3. Child suffers from tear gas inhalation

... and is carried into the basement of the Divan Hotel, which was under attack by police.

4. Police use water cannons to try force people from Taksim Square

5. Police beat an unarmed protester

... who was already on the ground.

6. Water cannons shot at unarmed protesters

...because these four young women are obviously threats.

7. Police panzer hits protester

... the man miraculously survived the attack.

8. Tear gas is tossed into a hotel where protesters are taking refuge

9. Police use bulldozers to clear out Occupy Gezi tents

10. Tanks and police forcibly remove protesters from Gezi Park

A stunning collection of video clips showing police using tanks, tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, and bulldozers to end the protest.

As of now, the square and park have been cleared by police and the camps are being torn down. Protesters are attempting to barricade streets around Istanbul in an effort to block police. 

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