Has the Media Given Us the Most Accurate Coverage Of the PRISM Scandal? Probably Not


Last week, I told you that Ben Swann was embarking on a daring new venture in online media. This week, Ben has released the first installment of his Full Disclosure web series since going out on his own.

The webisode talks about the hottest topic of the past few weeks, Edward Snowden and the NSA spying scandal. I'm not using this forum to argue one way or another about the legalities of the NSA's use of the FISA/PRISM programs. What I am doing is trying to appeal to your need for real, untainted news.

If you take 9 minutes of your life and watch the video below, you can make your own decision about the brand of journalism Ben Swann is attempting to make a reality. 

If after watching, you decide that Ben is not for you and his facts are not facts at all, then you have ventured nothing and lost nothing, except 9 minutes of your time.

However, if you watch it and you determine that Ben's brand of journalism is in fact honest, untarnished, and factual, then I would implore that you take a few minutes to explore his project here.

In the words of Ben, "What you need to know" is that whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Third Party voter, I guarantee that you are unhappy with the current state of radio, television, and online media. If you do not at least watch the video, then you are failing to take advantage of an opportunity to find something that will make you truly think, and hopefully, educate you on the stories that are impacting us today.