Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama Already Underway in Massachusetts


Undoubtedly there is a tangible liberal presence on my college’s campus, Mount Holyoke College, and there is only a minority of students here who will dare to consider the GOP nominations. But Mount Holyoke also represents sentiments in the wider state. While most of the Democrats on campus support Barack Obama and most of the school Republicans support Mitt Romney, this seems consistent for the registered voters of Massachusetts.

A recent poll conducted by the Western New England University Polling Institute, surveying 527 registered voters shows that Obama leads Romney in nearly all regions except Worcester County (60% vs. 36%).

Obama received positive ratings from his job performance in Massachusetts at 56% most likely due to their unemployment rate at 6.8%, lowest in three years (the national average unemployment rate is about 8.3%).

Super Tuesday begins in Massachusetts from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., where voters will trickle into their designated polling places and choose among the Republican, Democratic (only Barrack Obama is listed), and Green – Rainbow candidates. Among the Republican nominations, Mitt Romney will have an upper hand in Massachusetts as a former governor. On Monday night, polls showed that he would be favored to win in Virginia, Vermont, and Idaho as well.

My prediction? President Obama will be selected as the Democratic candidate with Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate.

Photo Credit: davelawrene8