Mitt Romney Getting No Love in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday


It’s Super Tuesday for Massachusetts’ former governor and the atmosphere around the state demonstrates exactly how the Republican primaries have felt – blasé.

Hardly anyone in the bay state is discussing the political ordeal occurring today, and if discussion pops up it is mostly focused on Ohio, not Massachusetts. The only blood that is boiling is the powerhouse of Massachusetts Democrats who took the opportunity to call out Romney’s record. Newton Mayor Setti Warren told the Boston Globe “When Governor Romney left Massachusetts to run for higher office, he left the state in really difficult shape.”

Warren highlights Obama’s main attack on Romney: that the former Governor is not equipped to deal with the economy or job creation.

If it sounds as if I am focusing on Romney, then you are right. No one in Massachusetts has anything nice to say about Santorum. In fact, most people going to the polls don’t even mention Rick Santorum as a possibility. Massachusetts voters believe the inevitability lies with Romney and a Romney win this Tuesday could spell disaster for Bay State democrats. Massachusetts has been a liberal bastion since I can remember; we bled pure blue until the upstart Scott Brown swept into office in 2010. A Romney win, which most people believe will happen, could throw the Democratic hold on the state into turmoil.

Romney’s support base in Massachusetts is still strong and the old governor could make Massachusetts a place of contention. The democrats who want to hand the state over to Obama in the fall could be facing a challenge. The idea that Massachusetts could be a swing state is a stretch, but crazier things have happened.

Photo Credit: WEBN-TV