Sarah Palin For President? Former Alaska Governor Considers 2016 Run


Sarah Palin went to vote in the Alaska primary and was asked by a reporter about whether she would seriously consider a run for President in 2016. 

Her broad smile and stumbling response indicated that she was probably thinking giddily about it. She closed off her lengthy answer by saying "I would seriously consider whatever I can do to help our country," but her answer just shows how uninspiring the Republican candidates are this time around. 

After all, wouldn't a dedicated Republican answer by saying something like "there won't be a Republican nomination in 2016 because we're taking back the White House!" Someone who was confident or enthused about her party's candidates would probably be focused on the current election, not the next race after, a race that only happens if one assumes failure. 

I may be reading a little too much apathy into her off hand response, but consider that she's at a primary for her party's nominee, it's odd that she's thinking about their failure. Her lack of confidence in the field has come up before too, like when she said in December that there was still time for other candidates to get into the race (or when she expressed skepticism about Romney). She also voted for Gingrich.

For this race, not many people wanted Palin to run, so she must think that four years as a commentator will help her standing in the party. If she does run in 2016, she might find her uniqueness as a female candidate challenged, since the Democrats will likely field some impressive female candidates themselves. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons