LIVE iPad 3 Unveiling in San Francisco Stream



1:53 PM This is just "new iPad." Not called iPad HD.

1:42 PM That's all for the new features. Now product demos from developers. 

1:40 PM Same prices as current iPad, will be available on March 16. 9.4mm thin, 1.4 lbs, 10 hours of battery life.

1:38 PM Apple hasn't missed a beat without Steve Jobs. 4G new iPad is major upgrade.

1:36 PM The new iPad has arrived, via @LanceUlanoff

1:34 PM Photos are really, really fast on LTE. Heck of a lot faster.

1:33 PM Fifth new feature, 4G LTE!!

1:31 PM Third new feature, 1080p video recording. 

1:30 PM Great live photos from Engadet here.

1:29 PM Next new feature, iSight camera on the iPad. But what's the name Tim???

1:28 PM Via @nickbilton The new iPad has a faster chip: The Apple A5X chip. (Note that they haven't said the name of the new iPad yet, just "new iPad").

1:26 PM New feature: The new retina #iPad has higher resolution than Apple's projector. 40 percent better color saturation than before.

1:25 PM New picture:

1:24 PM HERE IT COMES, HERE IT COMES! Everyone has been wondering who will come out with a product more incredible than iPad 2, he asks. “We are,” he says.

1:23 PM So much suspense!!!! Still no mention of iPad 3.

1:20 PM There are over 200,000 custom apps for the iPad. "These apps are gorgeous and groundbreaking. They help you create or learn or do almost anything."

1:19 PM Tim Cook says Apple sold more iPads last year than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line world-wide.

1:17 PM The new Apple TV is $99, same as the old Apple TV. It will be available next week, and pre-orders will be taken today.


1:15 PM Apple SVP Eddie Cue takes the stage to announce Apple TV updates.

1:12 PM Photos live from the event:

1:11 PM Apple TV, Apple TV, YES WE CAN!

1:10 PM The 25th billion app was just downloaded in China. 

1:09 PM Ahhhhhhhh Siri in Japan!!!!! It's coming today!

1:06 PM Thanks @kabster728: With its newest Amsterdam store, Apple has 362 retail stores that 110M people visited just in the last quarter. #iPad

1:05 PM Cook is showing off Apple's Grand Central store, where the opening turnout was "off the charts."

1:02 PM Apple sold 172 million post-PC devices last year.

1:00 PM Tim Cook just took the stage!

12:58 PM Total silence, the music has stopped, and Apple is gearing up for its announcement. Apparently 83 iPads will be available to the crowd of journalists, tech bloggers, etc.

12:53 PM Check out Tech Crunch's live blog, Gizmodo's live blog, and Gawker's live blog.

Today, Apple is set to unveil its iPad 3 at San Fran's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Past announcements for new iPad products have come at this same time of year, but in 2010 and 2011, with Steve Jobs making a heroic effort to be present despite battling cancer. This time, the device is likely to be showcased by CEO Tim Cook.

Since the last iteration of Apple's revolutionary tablet, the market has become noticeably more competitive and could provoke bigger than usual innovations in the latest iPad. For instance, in this just-completed holiday shopping season, Amazon's Kindle Fire was estimated at “stealing” roughly 2 million tablet purchases away from Apple. At about $200 dollars to the iPad's $500, the Fire is significantly cheaper, and 4 million units were sold in December alone. For this reason, some analysts have suggested that the 3rd iPad will not see high sales unless Apple lowers its price.

Steve Jobs Unveils iPad 1

To counter the threat from the Fire and other tablets, Apple is expected to announce several new features for the iPad 3. All of the following have been rumored by one or another tech blog as being included this time: retina display, 4G LTE, dual core A5x chip, a better camera, a thicker shell, Apple TV, Siri, a lower price and on and on. To assess the probability of various features being included, The Atlantic looked at all the tech blogs that entertained these rumored and performed a crude meta-analysis. Basically all the blogs believe that the new iPad model will contain higher screen resolution and 4G LTE, and very few think the price will be reduced, that the battery life will be doubled, or that iOS 6 will be included on the device.

Steve Jobs Introduce iPad 2

Anticipation for many of the features is high, and faked pictures of the product have hit the internet just hours before the scheduled announcement. Predictions are that Apple will sell about 55 to 65 million iPads this year. 

Photo Credit: Ben Atkin