NYC Pride Parade 2013: Anthony Weiner Shows Up to Celebration


I'm not at NYC's Pride Parade today, but unstoppable PolicyMic intern Uchechi Kalu showed up for the big celebration and spotted none other than controversial New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

The former Congressman, who is apparently leading the polls for the mayor race (New Yorkers, I will never get you), came under fire two years ago for accidentally posting lewd photos of himself on Twitter and exchanging sexually charged messages with young women. He probably attended the event today to help massage his image, but nothing changes the fact that he's a major creeper and bad husband.

On a brighter note, PolicyMic powerhouse Elizabeth Plank is also at the parade, and look how much fun she's having!

Adorbs. Eat it, DOMA. 

What do you guys think? Will Weiner's appearance further increase his chances of soaring at the polls? Will it matter on Election Day? Is he a suitable mayoral contender?

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