17 Historic Gay Pride Photos From This Weekend


On Sunday, New York City, the birthplace of the Gay Liberation Movement, celebrated the first Gay Pride Parade after the Supreme Court's historic DOMA ruling. Here are 17 photos that demonstrate #LoveIsLove, and freedom is freedom (and you don't have to be gay to celebrate it). 

1. It's a Millennial Celebration

Straight, gay, bi, Latino, black and white ... millennials flooded gay parades to celebrate a world a little freer. Faith in humanity restored. 

2. Freedom is Freedom

In this amazing twitpic via @zeynep_erdim, a massive rainbow flag covers a square in Istanbul (where much more than gay rights are a stake right now). 

3. How Far We've Come

This is the original flier for the first Gay Pride Parade in New York City in 1970!

4. The Corporate Bandwagon

In all fairness, corporations who've championed gay rights have contributed to the slow but steady march of equality. In this Instagram by Mashable, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg parades in San Francisco Pride.  

5. God Hates Figs

A special shout out to all the religious communities that stand for love and equality, and those who epically troll the haters (twitpic via @Yaoifix). 


6. As Seen By Andy Warhol!

Pop Art Grandfather Andy Warhol took this Gay Pride image in 1984.  

7. You Can Play

Amazing ally, and 3-time pro-Bowler, Brendon Ayanbadejo, stands for #equality in San Francisco. Because real men are not afraid to take a stand.   

8. "I Spoke Out"

San Francisco returns to the political roots of Gay Pride with this poster of WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, who is gay and was initially considered for this year's in absentia Grand Marshall. 

9. Take Me to Seattle

As tweeted by @rodmarphoto, equality flights high from Seattle's iconic Space Needle. 

10. Russian #FAIL

Gay Pride demonstrators get arrested in Russia, where Putin's government has increasingly cracked down on feminists and LGBT activists.  

11. Do Ask, Do Tell

A proud gay veteran marches in Chicago. We've, indeed, come too far to give up who we are!

12. "Gay is Good"

These dudes had some balls. Photo taken at the first Gay Pride Parade ever (in 1970), as tweeted by @digg

13. Being True Does Pay Off

NBA free-agent Jason Collins, the first professional athlete ever to come out as gay, marches during the New York Gay Parade. According to CBS Sports, the Brooklyn Nets have recently demonstrated interest in Collins. 

14. The Dissenters

Policemen try to catch anti-gay marriage demonstrators in France, where President Francois Hollande signed marriage equality into law amid a deeply polarized public opinion. 

15. "The Rainbow Drone"

This picture, tweeted by Wikileaks, shows "America's Newest Gay Pride Marshall." 

16. "Scalia and Uncle Sam"

In this awesome cartoon by John Cole, Uncle Sam kisses DOMA dissenter Justice Antonin Scalia. Priceless. 

17. "The Land Of the Free and the Home For the Gay"

Gay rights champion Lady Gaga caused controversy by changing the final verse of the national anthem. Love or hate?

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