George Zimmerman Prosecutor Straddles a Life-Size Dummy

ByGabriel Grand

On Wednesday, Florida prosecutor John Guy brought a whole new meaning to the term "ground and pound."

While cross-examining an expert witness for the defense, Guy whipped out a life-size mannequin and straddled it on the courtroom floor. 

Guy was attempting to re-enact for the expert witness the mixed martial arts (MMA) position which has become a recurring source of embarrasment for attorneys in the George Zimmerman trial.

Ever since John Good, a resident of the Florida community where Trayvon Martin was fatally shot and an eyewitness, used the term "ground and pound" in the first week of the trial, attorneys on both sides of the case wasted no time engaging in comically demeaning role-play.

But Guy wasn't the only attorney who decided to get down and dirty on the courtroom floor. As soon as Guy finished his cross, defense attorney Mark O'Mara decided to hop on and get some.

What's more, this isn't the first time that O'Mara has "banged the gavel," so to speak, during the Zimmerman trial. On Monday, the defense called Adam Pollack, an MMA trainer who had worked with Zimmerman at a Longwood, Florida gym. At one point during the testimony, Pollack came down from the stand and demonstrated what he called a "mounting position" on an enthusiastic Mark O'Mara.

This latest bout of "ground-and-pound"-ing isn't doing anything to restore my faith in the professionalism of the Zimmerman trial attorneys after the past few weeks of proceedings degenerated into a circus sideshow, complete with joke-telling, salty language, and even Chik-Fil-A ice cream cones.

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One has to wonder whether all of this feigned fornication is really necessary; I'm pretty sure the jury got the idea after prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda had his way with a witness' water bottle.

While the defense is busy prepping their motion-capture computer simulated 3D Digital Dolby Surround Sound IMAX animation of the fight between Zimmerman and Martin, the prosecution is stuck making awkward gestures with two appendage-less water bottles.

I knew the Florida D.A.'s office was underfunded, but come on... Really? I blame Rick Scott.

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