Wendy Davis and Her Shoes Rock the Cover Of 'Texas Monthly'


Senator Wendy Davis may not have been able to successfully block the Republican Party's anti-abortion push, but she's certainly not throwing in the towel just yet. In fact, she's just getting started.

After her epic 11-hour filibuster, she raised almost $1 million, mostly in small donations, during the last two weeks of June. The woman who's being nicknamed the "LeBron James Of Filibustering" has become a sudden political superstar. It's no surprise there are already rumors that she'll run for governor in November 2014. Texas hasn't had a Democrat sit in the governor's chair since Ann Richards was elected in 1990. The late governor's daughter Cecile Richards also happens to be the president of Planned Parenthood and has vowed to help Wendy Davis get elected.

If you're not sure what Ann Richards looks like, here is her ghost cheering on Wendy Davis, courtesy of ridiculously amazing Taiwanese animators. You're welcome.

When asked if she was going to run for a higher office, she told the Texas Tribune that her fundraising will be a key element. "I think my chances of doing that have definitely improved, especially because we are seeing such a broad base of supporters," she said.

In addition to being having a broad population base, Davis is also backed by two other democratic rising stars, identical twin brothers Julián and Joaquin Castro. While the former is the governing mayor of San Antonio, the latter is a congressman for Texas's 20th district. It's no surprise that the three of them were chosen to grace the cover of Texas Monthly

Although Senator Davis has raised a lot, she still hasn't raised enough. Her most probable opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, received $4.78 million in the last two weeks of June. According to his office, this money came from 2,100 individuals and makes his campaign fortune a whopping $20 million, one of the highest earning campaigns in Texas history.

If Wendy Davis wants to win, she's going to have to fight. Judging by this cover of The Texas Monthly, she's got the right shoes and the right attitude to do it. Game on, Republicans.

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