Emmys 2013: 5 Inexplicable Snubs in This Year's Nominees


This was a big, bold year for television, as classic shows finished up their final seasons (30 Rock), buzz dramas made the leap (The Americans, Game of Thrones), and upstart Netflix jumped into the fray with two shows of their own (House of Cards, Arrested Development). However, while the Emmys got many things right, they also butchered several important categories. Below, here are some shows and actors who deserved nominations but got shut out.

1. The American Couple

The Drama field was overly stuffed this year, so it's forgivable that The Americans' brilliant first season was passed on. However, both Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were painful and brilliant to watch estranged, isolated KGB spies. Russell, in particular, has the star power, acumen, and talent to back a nomination; she's done a lot of growing since Felicity, and deserved to be rewarded. 

2. New Girl

The adorkable comedy transformed from a cutesy afterthought in season one to a multi-dimensional, uproarious powerhouse in season two, largely thanks to the emergence of the awkward, earnest Jake Johnson as Nick. He certainly deserved a nom for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy; instead, New Girl was shut out completely. Can we please stop just gifting these nominations to Modern Family?

3. Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany

It's not particularly surprising, but still disappointing that Orphan Black star Maslany was ignored for Outstanding Lead Actress. The Critic's Choice recipient played over ten roles on the fascinatingly complex sci-fi series, bringing intensity and diversity to each one. 

4. Justified

The FX drama, starring Timothy Olyphant as an Old West lawman attempting to preserve order his way in a small Kentucky town, was one of the year's most critically acclaimed shows, yet got completely smoked by voters. Olyphant is way overdue for an Emmy win, but was edged by the lumbering Hugh Bonneville and Jeff Daniels. There's no way you can justify that. 

5. Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter

Carpenter took her jittery, foul-mouthed character, Debra Morgan, to a new level of ferocity in Dexter's season seven finale (warning: the clip has a big spoiler). After years of being one step behind her brother Dex, she's emerged into a fully equal force of violence and chaos. There will be blood if Carpenter isn't rewarded next year is Dexter wraps up its final season.