18 Beautiful Photos That Shine a Light On Women's Rights


Here are eighteen, both old and new, that shine a light on women's rights and the struggle for equality. 

1. Protesting violence against women

2. The ultraviolet light brigade standing with Texas women

3. One Billion Rising - The global movement to end violence against women and girls

4. One billion fathers rising

5. The Gulabi Gang - a group of women vigilantes and activists

6. A royal welcome to gay marriage

7. Protesting rape in India

8. San Jose, Costa Rica - mourning dresses hung out to represent victims of domestic violence

9. Because activism can start at any age

10. Candlelight vigil and protest after the shooting of Malala

11. A camp for gender non conforming children and their parents

12. Feminist Street Art

13. Pretoria High School for Girls created 2000 folded origami flowers in protest of women’s rights abuses

14. Fighting objectification in advertising

15. Two women kiss in front of anti gay marriage protesters in France

16. A women's rights march from 1970

17. Campaigning to end violence against women

18. Because protest signs can be powerful and funny at the same time