Feminist Weekly: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Climate Change


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Highlights This Week:

Last Friday, the A/C broke in the PolicyMic office. In the middle of New York’s heat wave, sitting at my desk in midtown was nearly unbearable.

The only thing that kept my sweaty fingers on my keyboard was my excitement for this week’s discussion on climate change. In the past few days, I’ve edited and posted pieces from young people across the nation tackling one of the world’s most pressing problems. Join the conversation at Millennials Take On Climate Change, Mic and share your favorite pieces, and let me know what you think on Twitter: @sameier12

Special thanks to fellow PolicyMic editor Jordan Fraade, Pundits Steve Horn, Mark Kogan, and Sam Novey, and community member Sam Wohns for all their help!

(Sneak preview: In August, I’m planning to tackle education reform. Get ready. )

Updates From Our Pundits:

Pundit Suzanna Bobadilla has been all over the interwebs this week, along with fellow contributor Wagatwe Wanjuki, for her work on Ed Act Now. (For more on Ed Act Now, be sure to read Jayson Flores’ piece from a few weeks ago.) Check out her PolicyMic shout out in this interview with Lip Mag!

We <3 you too, Suzanna.

Black Girls Code shared Gina Sipley’s profile piece on Twitter. Check out their fundraising effort here!

Katie Halper Royal Baby mention at Feministing.

Great work, Liz Plank!

What is bro-choice, anyway? Lauren Rankin talks about giving men a voice in the abortion debate Huff Post Live.

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Must Reads From Last Week:

This Gay Couples’ State Wouldn’t Marry Them—So Their County Did (Rachel Pincus) — In Montgomery County, Pa. yesterday, four lesbian couples and one gay couple received licenses to marry in Norristown, the county seat. This follows a lawsuit challenging the state marriage ban.

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Democrats Claire McCaskill and Kirstin Gillibrand Clash Over Sexual Assault in the Military (Natalie Smith, @nsmith10) — What happens when two female Democratic senators, both darlings of the women's movement, find themselves on opposite sides of sexual assault in the military?

One Of the Most Powerful Protests in the History Of Immigration Reform (Johnathen Duran, @JohnathenDD) —Nine undocumented activists were detained after they entered a border crossing to protest President Obama's deportation machine. Here's how you can help the Dream 9 and #BringThemHome.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Planet (Eric Moll@KXLBlockade) — Just trying to change our own carbon footprint is a waste of effort. We can't shop our way out of this one. When it comes to climate change, there is much more important work to be done.

This is What Happens All Too Often to Black Men in America (Ari Joseph, @BlueGreenChill) — Overt, legal racism may have been supplanted by a more subtle form of prejudice, but its effects remain just as damaging.

I Went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center and What I Saw Will Shock You (Jaclyn Munson, @OnwardnFword) — For nearly 30 years, EMC FrontLine has claimed to defend life- but an inside look into the crisis pregnancy center reveals a more sinister operation.

This Senator Wants You to Know You’re Eating GMO Food (Maribel Hermosillo, @Cualania) — Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is challenging the secret addition of the Monsanto Protection Act to the spending bill passed in March.

More Proof That Comprehensive Sex Education is the Only Kind That Works (Christine Salek, @christinesalek) — Teen pregnancies are down in California, even as the rate of sexually active teenagers remains the same. There's only one logical explanation: comprehensive sex education works.

Bipartisan Prison Reform is Decades in the Making – And Its Time Has Come (Yi Wu, @lamplitbeantown) — This year, the Justice Department, bipartisan legislators, and members of the judiciary have all come out to demand sentencing and penal reforms amidst the ballooning of our prison population.

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