10 Outstanding PolicyMic Pundits Making Waves Across the Media


One of the perks of being PolicyMic's community manager is that I get a firsthand look at the growth and interaction of our incredible platform of pundits, readers, and commenters. 

PolicyMic is growing fast, and a lot of that growth is happening organically through word of mouth and referrals from happy users. This is wonderful for a number of reasons, but one in particular is that other media outlets and organizations are paying attention to the work our community is doing, and giving them some well-deserved press. 

Below is just a sampling of the places PolicyMic-ers appeared in the past few weeks. Congrats to ALL of our community members who've been highlighted across the web!

Remember, if you've been stirring up debate elsewhere on the web, please let us know so we can brag about you.

Email me (caira@policymic.com) (Subj: PolicyMic Press Mention) with a name of the publication and link to the article, and we'll try to include in our press mention round-up!

1. Jewelyn Cosgrove, the Atlantic Wire (July 5)

The Atlantic Wire explained why the New York Public Library is being sued, and cited pundit Jewelyn Cosgrove for her PolicyMic article on "the importance of "preserv[ing] the very nature of public use libraries."

2. Saudi Garcia, Retweeted by Miss Representation (July 8)

Saudi's excellent compilation of female athletes who prove why title IX still matters, 41 years after its legislation, got a shout out from Miss Representation on Twitter. 

3. Adam Hogue, Retweeted by NPR (July 8)

Adam Hogue made a list of the five podcasts every millennial should listen to, and when he asked NPR to keep the good programs coming, NPR retweeted his story.

4. Rachel Grate, Retweeted by Joanna Coles (July 13)

Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles loved Rachel Grate's story on how the magazine was becoming feminist so much that she mentioned it on Twitter. The magazine then retweeted Cole's tweet to their over 600,000 followers!

5. Justin Douglas, the Alligator (July 16)

When Justin Douglas gave props to the University of Florida for being just as great as any ivy league school, Florida independent news outlet the Alligator proudly ran the story among its campus news. This was but one place Justin's work showed up on the web — his PolicyMic piece was shared on Facebook over 60,000 times!

6. Mark Kogan, Above the Law (July 17)

D.C. pundit Mark Kogan shared his views on five top law schools that are as excellent as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and Above the Law shared Mark's story in an edition of their daily news summary.

7. Shoshana Weissman, NRSC (July 17)

Shoshana Weissman's piece discussing the possibility of Republican majority in Senate caught the attention of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC); They tweeted the article to over 50,000 followers.

8. Katie Halper, Feministing (July 23)

Katie Halper pondered the what-could-have-been if the royal baby was female, and Feministing took note. They included Katie's article on their daily cheat sheet.

9. Ola Abiose, HuffPost Live (July 25)

PolicyMic's Ola Abiose was asked to speak on HuffPost Live for a segment on the criminalization of homeless people in Tampa, Florida. Ola's original story examined the city's outrageous ordinance to address its issues with homelessness. 

10. Jaclyn Munson, NARAL (July 25)

Jaclyn Munson visited a crisis pregnancy center in the South Bronx, N.Y. to learn more about the center's operations. Pro-choice organization NARAL tweeted Jaclyn's findings to their community of nearly 23,000 followers.