Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the Future Of the GOP


Ever since his upset primary run-off victory over establishment choice Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz has been one of the most popular members of the Tea Party movement. He's quickly become a national figure with his appearance at the Republican National Convention and his willingness to be a vocal member of the Senate despite being a first-term legislator. Senator Cruz is a Swiss Army Knife of everything the Republican Party needs going forward as they attempt to re-brand themselves for the 21st century.

Senator Cruz is a first-generation American. His father, Rafael Cruz, is a Cuban immigrant who was tortured by the Batista regime and would fight for and later regret the Castro revolution when Castro became a communist. Rafael Cruz came to this country with $100 sewn into his underwear. Unable to speak English, he sought to make a better life for himself and his future family away from Communist Cuba. Rafael Cruz today is a pastor in Texas. Cruz took these humble beginnings and went on to go to Princeton, where he graduated cum laude, and Harvard Law School where he graduated magna cum laude and edited the Harvard Law Review. He's a southern man who went to Ivy League East Coast schools, and knows the American Dream is still achievable in American society. Cruz knows what it takes for immigrants and the first generation of Americans to succeed — he's lived it.

Senator Cruz is one of the few Republicans who has mastered social media. Ever since his run for the Republican nomination against Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, Cruz's social media game has been the talk of the town. Going through Senator Cruz's Facebook and Twitter accounts you'll see unique shareable images, and his use of internet memes for political points. He's able to reach out to a diverse group of individuals with his full embrace of social media, something that has only been done by a handful of other GOP officials (Amash, both Ron and Rand Paul, etc.). 

Cruz's delivery of the small-government and individual freedom message is one of the most important reasons he will lead the GOP into the 21st Century. He is able to articulate this message without the use of teleprompters. If you'll take a look at the speeches he gives, there is never a teleprompter to be found. It conveys the message that he truly believes the messages he speaks about. He doesn't need a constant reminder of what he's going to say. He speaks from the heart and that adds a level of power whenever he speaks.

The senator has also shown to be willing to go after more senior members of the Senate from both parties. He has drawn the ire of entrenched Washington politician Senator John McCain, who famously called Senator Cruz a "wacko bird," and got into a heated floor exchange with Senator Dianne Feinstein regarding the Constitution of the United States. He's stood on the floor and said he doesn't trust Republicans or Democrats, and he's gone about protecting the Constitution while ruffling the feathers of long-standing politicians.

Senator Cruz is an outstanding conveyor of what it means to be a conservative. he's a bright man with unlimited potential in the public sector. He's been floated as a presidential candidate just months into his first term. He calls out the entrenched leadership of both parties, and conveys every message from the heart. Senator Cruz is a very dangerous man for the Beltway insiders, and is looking like a voice of the future of the Republican Party. I could not be more excited.