GOP to NBC and CNN: Drop the Hillary Clinton Documentary, Or We'll Drop You


Biased partisan politics within the network media has come to the front lines of the already-begun 2016 presidential campaign.

A Breitbart exclusive reports that Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus sent mega-news-network CNN and broadcast network NBC gnarly letters with one demand — cancel the documentary mini-series about the progressive's probable presidential hopeful, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by August 16, or Priebus will seek a vote at the RNC meeting which will ban CNN and NBC from the 2016 presidential primary debates and will condemn any debates that they sponsor.

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus has ingeniously placed two liberal-leaning major news networks into an awful catch-22. For the first time in a while, it looks like the GOP is taking the White House's own advice and "punching back twice as hard." In this situation, where big money network journalism is creating a "political ad masquerading as an unbiased production," the RNC is taking control of the situation. The demand itself should not be the main concern for the networks. Rather they ought to be worried about the inevitable problems that responding to the demand will create, regardless of whatever they choose to do.

The RNC needs these news networks just as much as the networks need the RNC's blessing to access events. It looks like both sides are going to be forced to play a massive game of "chicken."

Priebus's ultimatum has created an inevitable problematic outcome for the networks — abide by the RNC's demands and be seen as being pushed around by the GOP or ignore its demands and have some significant issues covering many of the biggest events in the election cycles to come. With CNN and MSNBC trailing in ratings, passing up coverage of such an event in order to hold to their liberal intentions may prove financially unfeasible. Democrat sex scandals and celebrity pregnancies may not be enough to hold America's attention (or who knows, maybe it will …).

As Breitbart's Mike Flynn has pointed out, "the decision by NBC and CNN to produce a mini-series or film about the life of Hillary Clinton is indeed odd. They do not regularly produce films about major figures in American politics."

Priebus hit hard in his letter to NBC, pointing out that executives and employees of Comcast, NBC's parent company, have been strong financial supporters of Obama's re-election campaign Democrats in general, and even Hillary Clinton's individual campaigns.

Both news networks have every right to do what they wish. If they want to air Clinton or Obamacare advertisements all day, then they certainly can. The RNC also has every right to fight back by denying the networks coverage of their events. The beauty of this situation is that neither side must do anything.

I feel like I'm watching a real life episode of Suits

Will CNN live up to its name as the "Clinton News Network?" Or more interestingly, will the chairman of a political party push around the executives at these major networks? August 14 is approaching and time is ticking…

Letters from Priebus to NBC and CNN can be viewed below: