American Family Association's Bryan Fischer Flies Off the Hook On "Sodomy-Based Marriage"


Conservatives are usually people who love the Constitution and its provisions (Second Amendment, among others) ... until it contradicts their views, and especially their faith. In his latest rant about same-sex marriage, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer longed for the days when sodomy was illegal, adding that same-sex marriage is "sodomy-based" (I guess lesbians are OK). He also regrets the Supreme Court's rejection of DOMA, adding that sodomy is "unnatural, unhealthy and immoral".

Notwithstanding the fact that anal sex is more popular among heterosexual women than gay men, Fischer's outdated remarks are so absurd that they are laughable. Has he protested against steel, glasses (which he wears), nylon, polyester and all those materials that aren't found "naturally"? Is he aware that, while unprotected anal intercourse is more of an HIV transmission risk than other forms of intercourse, unprotected vaginal sex can also transmit its host of diseases, some of them deadly? And is he aware that the book he so loves commands its followers to do things most "sane" people nowadays would deem abject and immoral?

Watch Fischer's bizarre rant below:

More seriously now, religious fundamentalists such as Fischer need to adapt to the 21st century. Yes, (male) homosexuality was a crime in the 20th century. Notice the key word here: was. The state has, voluntarily or through its justice system, abolished these laws because "The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation." For more than 40 years, all major medical associations (even China has joined in) have rejected the belief that homosexuality is a mental disease – Sigmund Freud didn't think it could be changed. They can't agree on what causes it, even today. However, they do agree that so-called conversion therapies are nothing more than torture (electric shocks and administering drugs to disgust the "sick" of same-sex attraction).

Furthermore, fundamentalists need to stop whining of being "victims" of persecutions while they are clearly the aggressor such as in this case. I think just like Voltaire and encourage anyone to speak their minds ... so long as they accept the consequence of their words. So if if someone acts like a bully, speak scientific nonsense such as creationism/intelligent design or political nonsense by stating that the U.S. is explicitly a Christian nation or try to see a gay plot even in your cereal, they are bound to get ridiculed, laughed at and called what they really are. They are ignorant bigots, since there is no rational reason to have such hatred towards another human being for such trivial details that don't hurt life, property, or happiness. 

If the American Family Association and other conservative groups want the state to leave them alone, then they should give the example by stopping their bullying. After all, doesn't the Bible say that "Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me"?