Obama’s Government Lets Lazy Beach Bums Like This Steal Your Tax Dollars


If liberals knew your tax dollars went to a lazy beach bum with an engineering degree, would they still support a rapidly-growing food stamp program?

Meet “beach bum” Jason Greenslates. Although he attended college and trained as a recording engineer, in an interview with John Roberts of Fox News, Greenslates brags about his consistent unemployment and easy life “all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars.”

The Blaze pokes fun, comparing Greenslate to Spicoli (the resemblance and mannerisms are striking), while noting that because of the steady increase in food stamp programs that allow Greenlsate to live this way, he is not an anomaly.

Is this really the norm for millennials?

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How many of us have incredibly expensive degrees in highly impractical fields or at least know someone who is in the same situation? Thrust out out in the world with a breathtakingly high unemployment rate, $1 trillion in tuition debt, and the previous generations' binges on our shoulders, it's not hard to be shocked by the results. And hey, if we're paying into it, through both taxes and the devaluing of our money, then why not get back any bit we can?

But welfare states create the exact opposite incentive structure of what we should be encouraging in a free society. And in this age of large, centralized nation-states, they require bureaucratic regimentation and brute force to maintain, leading to more of the ills they are intended to solve. It's hard to think of a more impractical, ineffective, and costly way to offer education and welfare than the same way Bismarck did.

When throwing darts, however, one must always be careful to aim for the right target. Even if we ignore the state coercion necessary to have a welfare state, the idea that government intervention like social welfare programs benefit the poor at the expense of the rich couldn't be further from the truth.

We should be demanding an end to this welfare state, not swallowing the propaganda over "firemen first!" budget cut scare mongering. Not because I am some caricature of a selfish and rugged individualist who doesn't care about his fellow man, but because I believe a free and voluntary society is the only we truly can.

It's why both sides of the authoritarian political spectrum and large corporate interests despise what a free society would do to their fraudulent bottom line. The ideas (and codification!) of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, peace, and a free economy are the real welfare state, unleashing free human beings to create wealth, spread knowledge, and serve each other in the spontaneous, bottom-up order of the market.

That is why I feel no anger for someone like Jason Greenslates or anyone else needing help getting by. This economic mess is not his fault, and the solutions being prescribed over and over are the same things that created the crash, with perfect names like QE infiniti and trillions of dollars for a "global force for good."

Yet there is reason to be optimistic. I have seen so many of us, with a thirst for freedom, fighting for it, demanding it, and even moving for it. It can’t and won’t happen overnight, but the seeds are there. Even in the face of an increasingly authoritarian welfare-warfare state, it is hard not to be hopeful for the future.