Chris Lane Killed Because of Abortion and Facebook, Says Keith Ablow


In a completely nonsensical and roundabout twist in today's news, Fox News' resident psychiatric expert Dr. Keith Ablow linked the horrific murder of aspiring baseball star Christopher Lane to late-term abortions and Facebook. That's right ladies, step away from your Planned Parenthood punch cards and put down the iPhone, because according to Ablow, you're causing the country's "epidemic of disconnectedness" that made three Oklahoma boys stalk and kill Christopher Lane during one of his weekly jogs.

Understandably, one of Ablow's first comments on the murder of Lane was, "If you can't outlaw third trimester abortions in every state, you have an answer to why people don't take life seriously." That's what the late-term abortion debate has been missing all along! So often we casually "forget" to ask ourselves, "How can we keep allowing late-term abortions so that baseball players out on their daily jog can get stalked and shot by three "bored" kids? What kind of grassroots movement can we get going on that? Facebook?"

According to Ablow, Facebook is also one of the reasons why Lane was shot and killed. Ablow stated, "We have people text messaging when in fact they're not reaching out to anybody, because they are sending thoughts and feelings in the air, if you will. We have people on simply adopting new identities. We have a culture that is cheapening life, real life." Referring to one of the shooters' Facebook posts that appeared hours after Lane was shot, "Bang. Two drops in two hours," Ablow may be confusing this generation's proclivity towards over-sharing on social media outlets with actual cold-blooded murder and sociopathic tendencies.

Forgetting that only 1% of abortions in the United States are late-term, and that by placing legal cut-offs for when a woman can get an abortion may result in serious medical issues, Ablow is applying his backwards policies and beliefs to an issue that neither warrants his opinions nor has anything to do with them. Watch the video below while I go eat my feelings with tacos: