Mexican Pointy Boots Are a Disgrace to Cowboy Culture


The Mexican pointy boot fashion trend has stepped over the line. The tip of the boot has become so long that it's nearly impossible to walk, let alone dance. The boots are not only a joke, but also a disgrace to what cowboy boots signify — toughness, ruggedness, and class.  

And yet, the Mexican pointy boots have become a fashion trend. David Guetta uses them as the focus of his "Play Hard" music video. The trend was even recognized by Vice Media as a noteworthy cause to produce a short documentary on the Mexican pointy boot phenomenon.

The boots have been mocked as a disgrace to some in the Hispanic community and become a laughing stock to others. The trend of having long pointy boots was never clear, but cowboy boots in the southwest, whether they are squared or pointy, are a way of life.

Cowboy boots should either be worn for work or for the next Toby Keith concert — not as a fashion trend gone terribly wrong.