Latest NYC Mayor Polls: De Blasio Leads For Democrats, Tossup For Comptroller


It's election day in New York City, and the mayoral and comptroller races have received been the subject of national attention heading into the primary season. Both races have seen poll swings and high-profile candidates seeking public forgiveness in running for smaller offices than they used to hold. Here is what to watch for in the most-watched races today.

New York City Mayor

This race has seen four different front-runners including City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, former City Comptroller William Thompson, and New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. De Blasio leads the crowded race over Thomspon with a late surge heading into today.

The Lay of The Land

The Real Clear Politics polling averages shows de Blasio leading by roughly 16 points over Thompson who has never led the race (37.7-21.3). De Blasio witnessed a steady increase in his numbers from mid-July to mid-August, but has exploded recently upon staking out an anti-Bloomberg far-left stance. Quinn is still polling at 17%. Anthony Weiner has narrowly edged out Queens-based Comptroller John Liu (7.3-4.7) after a serious of public explosions at delis, to English reporters, and on MSNBC this morning.

What to Watch For

No poll has so far shown de Blasio over the 40% mark required to avoid a primary. A surging candidate heading into the polls should expect to break the 40% mark, but Christine Quinn could be playing spoiler in delaying the inevitable de Blasio victory over Thompson. This primary may not be over yet.  

It is Anthony Weiner's last day of being relevant to the public.

Joe Lhota has the GOP primary wrapped up as he's polling around 50% for the primary. Look to see if his acceptance speech appeals to crossover voters, since that's been a consistent point of criticism on his campaign.

New York City Comptroller

Former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer faces-off against Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in what appears to be a dead toss-up heading into the polls today.

The Lay of The Land

Spitzer had led in every single poll conducted from July 8 until Aug. 27 when the two men were tied for the very first time. The three most recent polls show the two men in a statistical dead-heat with Stringer holding the average "lead" at 45.3% and Spitzer at 45%. Part of that average is a Qunnipiac Poll that had Stringer at 50% over Spitzer's 43%. A recent spike in women moving into the Stringer camp is responsible for the lead. However this same poll stated that 13% of voters are likely to change their minds by election day.

What to Watch For

Will Stringer's surge to make this race competitive hold up? Women have recently been moving toward Stringer, and will that trend continue? With numbers this close, this race could be anyone's. The range of winning possibilities could narrow completely before the election, or we could be in store for a big-time upset in the Big Apple.