NYC Mayor Runoff Unclear: De Blasio At 40.19%, Weiner is Sore Loser


With news outlets reporting that the final vote in the Democratic primary will likely be subject to a recount, it's unclear whether Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson will face off again.

Here are current standings with some 97% of precincts reporting:

De Blasio's win is razor-thin above the 40% necessary to avoid a runoff, so it looks like the New York Board of Elections is going to do a recount. Paper machines will be opened, and all ballots will have to be recounted. This could be a very drawn-out process, unfortunately:

So, to recap: the two Bills are likely to have an ongoing standoff that could last several days, or even until Monday. Eliot Spitzer's comeback tour is over, and voters have opted instead for NYC Borough President Scott Stringer to represent them as comptroller. And Weiner is permagone, after being chased through a McDonald's by Sydney Leathers.

Then he flipped off a reporter.

Welcome to New York, folks. Have a good night.